Different Studios, Different Objectives

Still in Pre-Production?
Dial it in, in our Live Room. Maximized for Creative Efficiency.


Ready to lay Core Tracks?
World Class Audio, Standing Up, wearing an Axe, in our
Tracking Room


Gold Standard Vocals
Secluded, Luxury Isolation
Comprehensive 40+ Piece Microphone Locker,
Including Industry Legends U-87 and C-414

Live Room
2000 Watts of Crown Amplification

Carvin 3 Way LM-153 Mains

10 Piece Roland Mesh Head Kit, or
Bring Your Acoustic Kit

DMX Ambience Lighting

Two Chromakey Sets plus
Video Mirror

Five Fixed Cameras For Video Capture or Streaming
Analog Routing: 300+ I/O

Digital Routing: 240 Ch. Fiber Optic Backbone

900+ Channel MIDI Backbone

Intel I7 + Intel Core Duo PCs

Yamaha Electric Grand, DX7 and Akai Controller Keyboards

Korg, Yamaha, Roland, and Casio Hardware synths, 100+ softsynths on a dedicated I7 processor

Tube Amps from Marshall, Fender, Vox, and Orange, plus Modelling

World Class Pre-Amps

Avalon, Universal Audio, Focusrite, and More

Extensive Cue Mix Processing under Artist Control

Unparalled Luxury, from Enfolding Acoustic Isolation, to Faux Fur Floor and Furniture Treatment, to Artist's Choice in Ambient Lighting

Full Digital Audio Workstation, with Core Duo CPU, for TOTAL Isolation, or...

Full Analog Control Room Signal Routing, for Maximum Quiet Noise Floor

Multi-camera Video Capture for Live Streaming or Post Production Editing

4 Stereo Capture Options for Acoustic Instruments

Multiple Lyric Cueing Options

How Does It Sound?
Donny Smith, covering Let It Be